And speaking of The Toast…

My hometown newspaper gettin’ shout outs on The Toast. Woah. 

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The Hollywood movie about mobster Whitey Bulger has been filming in and around Boston for months, with a list of high-profile actors. That means getting Johnny Depp and the others to sound like they’re from Boston. And as locals certainly know — getting that Boston accent right can make or break the movie.

Setting Your Movie In Boston? Bettah Get The Accent Right

Having some LCD Soundsystem feels, as always.

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Doing some research for business purposes today. This is my new favorite fact. I’m just trusting these guys on this one, cause I don’t really want to know if it’s not true. 

J. Crew Factory sent me this rather hypnotic gif this morning and I probably won’t buy anything, but I’m glad I contributed to their positive open rate. 

Making some plans for the night.