Lifehack: don’t wash your makeup off at night. Yesterday’s mascara becomes today’s mascara. Fuck it, sleep for 10 more minutes.



Brb buying Capote a hoodie.

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For rockers, roadies, robbers. #DressNormal

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Gap would like you to shoplift these jean apparently?


If you lose your stuff at this airport, this dog will bring it back to you

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Who’s a good boy?

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5 Potential Spoilery Notes from a Screening of Gone Girl:

  • Cat Acting
  • Side Peen
  • Pregnant Casey Wilson
  • Boxcutter
  • Rosamund Pike’s Hair Bob


TV wine time. Exciting Friday night adventures.


The historic city of Bruges is getting a 2-mile-long underground beer pipeline. Too bad it’s from brewery to factory, not brewery to your door.

Belgium Likes Underground Beer. No, Literally

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He posed for me like a professional model :-)

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Bang inspiration. 

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