How I have always secretly and not so secretly suspected that men get out of doing their fair share of chores. 


Good lord man…

Here for the Paul Rudd appreciation

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Airbnb is rebranding! What do you think of their new logo, “the Bélo”?

Things that kind of unintentionally(?) look like boobs, part 1286343658247

gems. all of them.




Silently screaming at my desk.



This is legitimately the most amazing picture of me and my friends ever.

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Oakland. Mystery. Pig. Strikes. Again.

Ninth Doctor + Sass Master

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This weekend I went to a Portland Seadogs game and every time they got an RBI they would show the Hunger Games image above on the jumbotron?

Also there were various contests held between each inning and one of them involved these children riding inflatable ponies to a finish line because…waterpark+baseball=ponies?

I’m really excited for Cleveland that their economy gets to be based on Lebron James again.